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From the open kitchen we serve our fine interpretations of a classic brasserie with modern crossover influences from all over the world.

Reinhardt's Brasserie in Düsseldorf - Pempelfort Restaurant Schlossstrasse 82

opening hours

Tuesday  to Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m

Sunday | closed on Mondays

Separate trade fair opening times

Michael Reinhardt, owner and head chef at Reinhardt's Brasserie, loves great French cuisine and combines it with influences from world cuisines. He has enriched the upscale gastronomy in Düsseldorf for over 15 years.

With only the best products and ingredients, preferably directly from the region, he succeeds in balancing goose liver and beef roulade.

Kitchen for every day -
uncomplicated and delicious

Michael Reinhardt - Inhaber Reinhardt's Restaurant Düsseldorf Pempelfort

Michael Reinhardt

Kitchen for every day -
uncomplicated and delicious

Culinary delights for connoisseurs

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